7 Best Ways To Develop Your Employees

7 Best Ways To Develop Your Employees

Developing your employees is an extremely effective way to continually market your business.

It is much more difficult to in new clients through advertising and other marketing techniques than it is to continue a relationship with an existing customer through selling additional products or services, up-selling, and cross-selling.

Consequently, client retention and gaining new business through referrals can be a mainstay for building a successful and stable business.

Investing in the development of employees is the most important and rewarding thing a manager can do. For some reason, it’s often the last thing on a manager’s “to do” list.

7 Best Ways To Develop Your Employees

From a purely selfish perspective, when you develop employees, they become smarter, more productive, they perform at a higher level, and ultimately, make you look like a rock star.

Developing employee skills also helps with recruiting and retaining the best employees, and it allows you to delegate so you can focus on your other roles as a manager.

Most importantly, it’s rewarding because it’s what leadership is all about; making a difference in the lives of others.

I have found that the best way to build a business foundation that revolves around excellent customer service and client retention is to create a business culture that revolves around developing productive, happy employees.

When you develop your employees, you inadvertently enhance your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Fulfilled employees are more likely to be engaged and they will pass that motivation and passion for work onto their customers.

When your customers are pleased they will be more likely to continue to use your services or buy your products. But perhaps, more importantly, a happy customer will sing your praises to everyone they know and there are few advertising tools as effective as word of mouth promotions.

The following seven-step will help you to develop a more involved, satisfied, and dependable workforce at your business to help increase customer retention and satisfaction.


Encourage open and honest feedback between yourself and each of your employees.

Determine what they want to get out of their job. What are their goals? What do they need? What obstacles are they facing? Approach each topic or concern by really listening with your heart without judgment.

Have Empathy

It is imperative to truly connect with your employees. Spend time with each of them and find out what is happening not only in their professional lives but in their personal lives as well.

By taking a true interest in your staff you will relay to them your company not only cares about its bottom line but also for each individual that is working there as well.

Be Authentic

Have a genuine desire to develop each of your employees for their own personal growth and achievement.

Understand that people need to feel challenged and believe that what they do for a living adds value.

Create an office environment that utilizes everyone’s strengths and listens when people say that enjoy or don’t enjoy doing specific projects.

By respecting your employees as people (and not simply the means to an increase in revenue) They will respect you and genuinely work harder because they believe in what they do.

Train Them

After determining the skills and expertise each of your employees currently have and comparing it to the skills and attributes needed to excel in their position at your business, provide specifically tailored training programs for your employees to help them move towards maximizing their capability in the office.

When someone is great at what they do they are more likely to enjoy it and be actively engaged.

This will have a direct effect on the productivity of your employee the customer service your business provides and ultimately your bottom line.

Give Honest Feedback

Be fair, honest, and polite when giving feedback to your employees. Be sure that all of your comments are constructive.

If employees are falling short, talk with them about how they can change their behavior while still moving forward.

Don’t concentrate on where they are falling short.

7 Best Ways To Develop Your Employees

Show them what they doing well and give some suggestions about how they can improve.

Then follow up. Commend them for taking your advice.

If they are still falling short, point out the problem and ask them to come up with a solution on their own.

By putting the ball in their court, they will realize that you trust them and value their opinion, and consequently they will work harder to maintain that trust.

Additionally by helping your employees improve you will create momentum for your company.

Share Your Vision

Help your people understand the overall strategic goal for your company and each of their individual roles helps to achieve this vision.

Be sure that your employees understand your industry, and educate them on issues, changes, and advances that are taking the time to educate them, they will also have a better understanding of why and when you have to make difficult decisions.


In addition to having a vision for your company, you need to have a plan for the future.

While you may have a plan for the business, do you have a personal development plan for each of your employees? You should. And they need to know where you see them going in the future.

Let them know how you want to expand, what new markets you want to tap, and how you see them growing with you.

They will work harder when they see the potential for both their own growth and the growth of the company.

When creating a business culture that revolves around people development, begin with those employees who directly report to you presumably your managers.

Once your development relationship is established with these employees, have them develop the same liaison with those who directly report to them.

The people development culture will cascade down through your business until every employee is part of the system.


Keep in mind that this is not an easy task. You will need to be persistent, determined, and involved in a hands-on way.

The effort to create a people development culture at your business is considerable; however, the results are remarkable.

Your people will feel better about themselves, their jobs, and results. Your customers will be pleased with your excellent customer service, consequently increasing customer loyalty, and they will become advocates for your business by providing warm referrals.

By developing your employees through the above seven steps, you can turn your workforce into an outstanding marketing tool.

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